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Woke up and went straight on my tech then had cornflakes for breakfast. We went to the shops bought dinner and pipes. Then made a Warhammer set with the pipes. We played Warhammer with everything. Had dinner with my family and I went back onto my tablet.



I woke up and had breakfast. Dad, Bridget and I went on a drive out of Brisbane. We went to Bribie and went to a beach. I started to see some shells. I found really cool shells and I got to take them home. The shells that I got look like a unicorn horn, 2x shells that could be put on a necklace because it has two holes, marble look with a little chip and a big shell in perfect condition with a pinkish purpley inside. We drove out of Bribie and had a little explore drive and half way through the drive we saw this really cool mountain that is the core of a volcano. It was a curved sided mountain with a cylinder on top. We drove to a picnic area close to the mountain. We started to walk the 3.3km hike. We had to make a decision if we wanted to start the circuit or go back to the car. We decided to go back to the car because I got a stitch because I drank fizzy coke before going up. We drove home and I obviously went on my tech. Dad made mince tacos for taco Tuesday and it was DELICIOUS. Me and Dad went to the airport and picked up Aunty Catherine and drove all the way home.

(FWIW, we went to Mt Tibrogargan before heading back down to Bribie)



I woke up and had breakfast. Latley I haven't been doing push up and sit-ups and my highest record is 40 each. So during breakfast I was on my tablet. I had been on my tablet for technically the whole day because we wake up at 10am. At 4pm I played Warhammer with my dad. Dad Made some stuff for the board. We played 2 first me on the blue then on the green. I had lots of fun for the 3rd and 4th time that I've played. Me and my family had said sausages for dinner. I soon after watched TV and after that I wrote this BLOG.

Meredith. Kerwin

My B'DAY is in 17 days🎉🎊