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10th of July 2019


This was an emotional day for me because I had to say bye to Bec. Bec and I are very close so when I had to leave I was super sad. B, dad and I all flew to Adelaide to fly home. We stayed in Adelaide for 6 hours. We walked to the city and looked in some shops. Then because it was mum and dads 15th anniversery dad went to HAIGH'S chocolate shop to get mum chocolate. It rained pretty much all day there. Later we caught a bus back to the airport. Then we caught the VA 1405 plane to Brissy. After everyone got on they announced that some people didn't turn up. B's name was called and we were all funnily confused. They even asked B if she had an ID! We then met mum at the airport and we were all excited to see eachother. When we got home we all caught up and finally I could sleep in my own bed. The next day I slept in until 10:30am wich is VERY late for me.

9th of July 2019


The first thing I did was go to an old telegraph station w/ Bec. I did a kid's quiz. Did you know 36 000 telegraph poles were used? After going to the telegraph station we went to Standley Chasm.We walked to the end of the chasm and looked at the sun shining on the rocks. Then we had lunch there. Later in the day we all went to the desert park. We watched a bird show. Somehow they trained a curlew. They also said feed every magpie you see because they can recognise your facial features. We were the last people to leave the park. For dinner we had red rooster for dinner. I had drum sticks and Garry (1 of Bec's cats) took a huge bite of one. Fun fact: the only reason I had 2 drumsticks is because I'm not a dinner person.

8th of July 2019


Because I hated the flies, we drove into town and got me a flie net.After we got me a flie net we drove to Simpsons Gap. I got to sit on huge quartz rocks. I even saw rock wallabies. Later in the day we drove up ANZAC hill. The view was awesome. We went to Hungry Jacks for lunch and I nealy lost my phone.

7th of July 2019


We woke up before sunrise and headed off. We got to see the sunrise. It was beautiful. After a long drive we stopped off at Devil's Marbles or Karlu Karlu. I didn't like it because there were a lot of flies Even though there were lots of flies there, there were huge bolders and the dust and dirt was bright orange. We then drove to Ti-Tree's roadhouse and had lunch. For the rest of the day drove the rest of the way to Alice. I was SUPER excited to see Bec. We all talked until 11pm. We were also listening to music.

6th of July 2019


We started to head to Alice Springs. We drove to Mataranka thermal pool and had a swim. We were going to have lunch but there was a 30 minute wait so we decided to have lunch somewhere else. After driving we stopped at Daly Waters. There were a lot of helicopters.In the Pub there was a moose head and people stapled there ID's on the wall. We also got a splice ice-block. We then drove to Renner Springs Desert Hotel. We saw 3 geese. One tried to bit dad but dad didn't care. We spent the night there. We had dinner there but it took an hour to make. The only thing I didn't like was the bathroom was very yellow because of the light.

5th of July


First quick thing we did was go shoping for tommorrow. Then we hit the road at about lunch time.For lunch we went to Humpty Doo hotel. Then we hit the road again. We made to Berry Springs and had a swim. After swimming in the main pool we went to a water fall area. While B and I waited for Julie we went in that pool. On the way home we stopped at some big ant hills.