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Five cheeky popstars

5 cheeky popstars playing
there Gitar 1 snapped a
string and the other felt
just like a stararararar



Your sofashion

your all so fashion
you make my heart
&soal kanect I can't just
let go of it its to heard
and its so soft wipe it of
like talor swift oh yarr
you make me blushe
and want to marry you
cause your so fashionable
  ya ya ya oh
  you make my heart
& soal konect its just
to beautiful   ya ya
just to beautifal oh ya
    The end

Can't let goof

I can't let go of this
song to beautiful to beautiful
just to beautiful I can't
let go it's to heard
to let go of to cute
   just to cute how can
I let go just to heard
to leave behind to
irasistable just to
irasistable you can't I
 can't to heard to
  let go of your favorite
    The End